Approaching 70 years in the textile industry with a history of 3 generations of knowledge and experience, Moripek is proud to offer its textile services to our valued customers with an amateur vibe of the first day. Our company since its establishment ,adopted the principle of customer satisfaction and quality in the textile industry as our biggest target, along with the innovation of the era developing every day, and confident to walk with more robust steps. Since 2010 our company  has revealed its vision with investments towards digital printing under Morelli Exclusive design its vision.

Moripek with its own designs and cooperation with world's leading design studios prepare different collections for woman clothing patterns. We follow global fashion trends and combine them with our own vision and staff who have great  experience in this matter. We prepare 2 main and 4 sub collections with a total of 6 collections. With  customer oriented services we provide exclusive design collections and fast fashion trends to our valued customers.

Moripek’s main principle is to offer unconditional customer satisfaction, speed, quality with its expert staff to both domestic and overseas markets.. Moripek has been increasing .its share in the European and American.with each passing day.